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What is and what can peat do?

Rudolf Steiner indicated that the increase in electromagnetic radiation would cause people to alarge extent would be impeded in order to function normally. He also indicated that the peat fibre could provide a particularly appropriate protection. The part of peat used for clothing and fabric are the peat fibers. This turf fibers are constituents of cotton grass that grows in bog and peaty soils. Peat is hundreds to thousands of years old and contains the vital forces that time in a more vital and healthier earth, which was free of civilizing influences. The excavated and processed peat is from Sweden and Finland.
Our life forces can be seen as an energy that is all around us and permeates our physical body. They are constructive forces and ensure the maintenance of our physical body, our energy and vitality. They are seen as a kind of positive counterpart to electrical and electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us increasingly and can affect us in a destructive manner. Clothing or fabric in which the peat fiber is woven has the property that can strengthen the weakened life forces again. In the peat fiber is silica, which has a strong affinity which the light and to the outer environment. Also in the human skin is located a relatively large amount of silica acid. The effect of silica is skin-forming, defensive and protective. On the other hand, there is a dark brown carbon, called humus substances in peat fiber. This fabric is similar to endogenous melanin. These brown pigment substances act as a defense against external stimuli. This substance transforms the harmful short-wave radiation into large wave thermal radiation. From these two substances, the protective effect appears and will envelop.
Turf also has the property that it heats. The life forces also need warming effect. Therefore, the warming and energizing effects of peat has since ancient times been used in the treatment and cure of sclerotic and rheumatic diseases. So peat fiber creates a protective, supportive and enveloping effect of the life forces against electrical and electromagnetic radiation. Because wool is known for its strong physical warmth, the combination with peat fiber provides for the optimum protective effect.
Clothing and heating enclosure

Human clothing has several aspects. It is mainly used to envelop the human-being so that he/she feels healthy, that he/she is right with the world and thereby connect with the spiritual world. The clothes would be for the people to allow their own heat generation and should also protect. What protects man from nature and envelops the skin and therefore we must take into account the characteristics and function of the skin, we think of people-friendly clothing.


Clothes prepared with natural in contrast to synthetic fibers, not electrostatic, and protecting against dangerous radiations such as earth rays and magnetic fields, according to Rudolf Steiner contains ethereal forces that can support and protect. Human substances in them that convert short-wave, high energy rays in long-wave heat rays, a form of active heat effect. Peat also works bacteria resistant and allows the skin to breath properly, while the moisture absorbs well and drain again. Promotes like wool skin blood flow and thus the entire circulatory system. Peat acts as a “ natural” enclosure and is a pleasant experience to wear.

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