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Objectives Eriophorum

to promote development, technology and application of peat fiber
• Lessening suffering. The healing properties of cotton grass is unprecedented and much remains to be known to the general public. By developing many items with the peat fiber, we can contribute to a healthier society.
• Promoting the development of technology and the application of peat fiber
• Encourage research and evaluation, both fundamental and practical with focus on the application of peat fiber; explore the background.
• Encouraging cooperation on therapeutic experiences and applications.

The support

It is found that the interest of peat pulse and strengthening of these now and in the future will be helpful to many of us. With the extreme explosion of wireless technologies and the health problems experienced by many people today, it seems more than before necessary to develop peat on a larger scale.
Eriophorum, will design to its best ability and continues creatively to research for increasing the possibilities. Eriophorum seeks people to join this circle of interested parties and increasing. Through appearing periodically, the Princess-Newsletter keeps you informed of the latest developments on the themes of cotton grass peat Eriophorum Rudolf Steiner.